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Underbelly Project Paris | The Video

Last week we informed you about the latest Underbelly Project, this one taking place in Paris, now check out the video of artists like SABER, FUTURA, Conor Harrington, HOW & NOSM and more in action.

Source | 12oz Prophet

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Underbelly Project | Paris

(image source | Ian Cox via Brooklyn Street Art)

Following the short lived Underbelly Project in Brooklyn, that saw 100+ artists trek deep below the street of NYC to add their touch to an abandoned section of subway track, the project lives once more. This time a downsized version of the project saw 10 artist including C215, FUTURA, HOW & NOSM and SABER venture to Paris’ underground. See more at Brooklyn Street Art.

(image source | Ian Cox via Brooklyn Street Art)

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Saber | Occupy Wall Street

Not one to sit on the sidelines and let others do the fighting, Los Angeles artist Saber is lending his hand to those participating in Occupy Wall Street. Saber’s help comes in the form of a large US flag (you might recognize the theme from some of Saber’s other controversial works), cut up into 64 protests signs laid out by LA’s City Hall.

Source | Known Gallery

Skywriting to End LA’s Mural Moratorium

(image source | REVOK1)

Looking to restore Los Angeles’ former title as the ‘Mural Capital of the World’ and end the mural moratorium currently in effect, SABER and the MSK crew took their art to the skies. Currently “Los Angeles municipal code defines murals as signs and the permitting process constitutes an effective ban on this art.” If you are interested in getting involved in the discussion of art versus advertising currently underway in La La Land visit the page. For more photos click here and here.

Source | REVOK1

SABER: “The American Graffiti Writer” Solo Show

SABER ONE is coming to NYC for a solo show at The Opera Gallery. Titled “The American Graffiti Artist,” the show opens on May 5th to those of us who are cool and on May 6th for the rest of you.

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SABER’s Health Care Reform Ad

The debate over the “patriotism” of SABER’s Health Care reform ad is heating up. The ad has been all over the news with both sides of the political spectrum weighing in on the message it is sending. The ad was created, and selected as one of twenty finalists in the DNC sponsored Health Care Reform Video Challenge. Take a look at the video and leave us a comment about what you think about this.

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