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The Friday Links

(image source | Juxtapoz)

They Live: by Kong | Juxtapoz

The Top QR Code Fails of 2011 | Mashable

No New HP Logo | Brand New

Google+ Gains Traction | The New York Times

Medical Science Proves New Yorkers are Superior | Animal New York

What Will 2012 Mean for Social Media? | Time

Honest Logos | Viktor Hertz

(image source | Whudat)

Wanna put on the pounds? Hit up the local Starbucks. Just smoked a fat one? 7-Eleven is what you need. At least that is according to artist Viktor Hertz, who is back with another series of logos to put the truth back in advertising.

(image source | Whudat)

Source | Whudat

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Anthony Lister x Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Artist Anthony Lister has teamed up with Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a mural to promote the films DVD release. Check out the video for the artist insight into his work and what brought the two together.

Source | Known Gallery

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The Friday Links

(image source | Brand New)

A New HP: So Close, Yet So Far Away | Brand New

Images of the Year 2011 | Brooklyn Street Art

What is the Future of Design Consultancy | PSFK

Kyle Bean | Soft Guerrilla | Animal New York

As Doctors Use More Devices, Potential for Distraction Grows | The NY Times

Foreign Countries Cash In On Obscure Domain Extensions | Fast Company

QR Code Tattoo

Touting itself as the “first random tattoo in the world,” the above QR code tattoo will show you a different video, picture, weather forecasts, etc., every time you scan it.

MINI Gingerbread Garage

(image source | Mini Canada Facebook)

MINI is continuously coming up with creative ways to promote the brands fun aesthetic, and they Holidays are no different. This time around MINI Canada is inviting fans to create their own MINI Gingerbread Garages and submit them via Facebook.

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