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Best Viagara Ad Ever!


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Mazda 110S Brochure


Whatever happened to pride in ones product? Everything you see know is sold under the same formats and rules set by some egghead some where. This especially applies to cars; and no I am no insulting your favorite Ferrari or Porsche, but every “normal” car out there might as well be made by one company and come with a self destruct button for when it falls apart in 5 years. Well without getting too deep into what is wrong with the auto industry, I will just let link you to this great Mazda 100S brochure and at least see some cool imagery to help sell the product.

New MTA Ad Campaign?


I came across this note written on a support beam in the NYC subway system (the downtown 6 at Spring Street, to be exact). I assume this is a new campaign put forth by the MTA to promote hospitality and friendliness amongst themselves and their riders. I for one would like to thank the MTA for putting this little note out there for me to read and bring a smile to my face (on the day they jacked up fares)! It really lets me know how they feel about me and all of their commuters!

(Sorry for the bad photo – It was 7 a.m. on Monday morning)!

Creative Mini Cooper Ad


These photos are of a Mini Cooper advertisement placed at a train station in Zurich, Switzerland. While at first glance the ad seems like a clever way to put an emphasis on the room inside of the tiny car, but it makes me wonder if the ad was really meant to say we are all clowns crammed into a little car like in the circus… hmmm?

Right Guard vs Old Spice


Without a doubt the pics above are some well done and smart advertisements for Right Guard deodorant, but can they really compare to these Old Spice ads?

79 Years of Best Picture Winners


With this Sunday marking the 80th Annual Oscar Awards, Movie Poster Addict has assembled the movie posters for all 79 previous Best Picture Winners for your viewing pleasure.

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