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Early 90′s Nissan Maxima TV Ad

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Writers Strike Art Show


This past Thursday was the opening of the “Writers Strike” exhibit at the Lott Gallery at Drivein24. The exhibit features walls covered in graffiti by the likes of CesOne, Cope2, Med, Noxer, Ovie, Jaes, Risk9 and 2ESAE, contrasted with regular street objects and corporate advertising. The style of the show is semi-controversial, not just because of the graffiti artists involved, but the question it raises as to whether or not street art and graffiti are any more invasive, or offensive than corporate advertising. Head on over to the show and decide for yourself, while enjoying some great art works. The show runs from today through 02/21/2008.

Lott Gallery at Drivein24
443 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY

Read more on the show at these sites:

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Get Some Nuts


Snickers and Mr. T are working together to hock you some tasty candy. This picture is too classic not to post.

If you’re interested check out or for a less tastier treat you could try

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London: The Decapitator Strikes


From Wired:

Renegade artist and head-hunter The Decapitator has been bombarding the streets of London with a signature style of graffiti tag – eerily removing the heads from major adverts around town, replacing them with ghastly, gory stumps.

Based on the images uploaded to his/her Flickr stream, “The East London Decapitator” as he/she has been dubbed, is largely striking mainstream advertisements, like this (my personal fav) High School Musical 2 poster.

The Decapitator’s culture jamming pieces are reminiscent of the style of popaganda artist Ron English, whose seminal work in billboard subvertising involved covering mainstream advertisements with his own art.

The mutation of art into other forms of art is always fascinating — even if the recipients aren’t always willing, as was in the case with New York-based graffiti defacer, known as the Splasher. Splasher became infamous this summer for tossing paint onto the work of well-known street artists like Shepard Fairy and Momo, citing controversial claims that their work was gentrified, banal and irreparably appropriated and commodified.

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Cousin Frank/Ghost


Check out and get schooled by the great Ghost. Ghost is without a doubt one of the most respected graffiti writers to ever have dumped a can of Rusto silver through a jif foam cap. Beyond his decades worth of contributions to the city scape, this born and raised NYer has mastered the gallery circuit and even the commercial world. With a resume that includes Ecko, Zoo York, Stussy, Mass Appeal and others, you can’t front on the G man. Cousin Frank just has a way of mixing surrealist imagery with the sickest color combinations to blow your mind. It’s good to see that after all these years Ghost is still “Rockin’ it Suckas!”

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Greg Lamarche


Greg Lamarche is one of those people that has more talent in his pinky than most do in their entire body. You might know Greg as the NY legend SPone, but today his focus is on gallery and commercial work. Having worked with companies like Mass Appeal, Juxtapoz and Zoo York, most of Greg’s work is intricately cut out collages. However, the man can still handle a can of paint when the need strikes. All hail the letter king!

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