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eBay: Kaws, Neckface, Faile Van


Remember the good old days when graffiti was free and if a building, van or anything else had any sign of it present, it was painted over – it was the rebels vs the establishment. Well apparently every wanna-be who never picked up a Meanstreak in their life, wants to latch onto the culture and own a piece of the lifestyle. Just a few days ago a Banksy wall sold for $400k on eBay and now a van painted by Kaws, Neckface and Faile is up for grabs on the hock site. If you wanna pay a few grand for this van, start bidding here.

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Creative Sculpture 4


Yet again, there is some interesting materials being used out there to create wild sculptures. Click here to check out some photos of Italian artist Maurizio Savini’s chewing gum sculptures. Bazooka Joe ain’t got nothing on this dude!

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Creative Sculpture 3


There is something about taking everyday objects and turning them into works of art. Forget all the standards and open your mind to a new world of design and art. We’ve all built something out of popsicle sticks as a kid or made a beer bottle pyramid as teenagers. Somewhere along the way we seem to lose that edge and simplicity and assume if it’s not in our local art store we can’t create with it. Well check out these interview with Jennifer Maestre and see what she can do with just pencils.

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Waterfalls in NYC


Sourced from

Four giant waterfalls will be erected in New York for three months this summer in a public art project city officials hope will create $55 million in extra tourism revenue for the Big Apple…read more.

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Red Bull: The Art of Can


Holding on to their 80+% market share in the energy drink market is just one thing Red Bull prides themselves on. The company is all about promoting creativity and athleticism. In addition to sponsoring teams like MLS’s NY Red Bulls and their annual Flutag contest (where contestants try fly off a cliff, in home made vehicles), Red Bull also holds an annual Art of Can contest. The contest is simple; everyone can enter and you can mutate Red Bull cans in any way to form anything. Yep, it’s that general. If you are tired of paper origami, move onto a new medium and start hacking up some Red Bull cans. Enter here.

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London: The Decapitator Strikes


From Wired:

Renegade artist and head-hunter The Decapitator has been bombarding the streets of London with a signature style of graffiti tag – eerily removing the heads from major adverts around town, replacing them with ghastly, gory stumps.

Based on the images uploaded to his/her Flickr stream, “The East London Decapitator” as he/she has been dubbed, is largely striking mainstream advertisements, like this (my personal fav) High School Musical 2 poster.

The Decapitator’s culture jamming pieces are reminiscent of the style of popaganda artist Ron English, whose seminal work in billboard subvertising involved covering mainstream advertisements with his own art.

The mutation of art into other forms of art is always fascinating — even if the recipients aren’t always willing, as was in the case with New York-based graffiti defacer, known as the Splasher. Splasher became infamous this summer for tossing paint onto the work of well-known street artists like Shepard Fairy and Momo, citing controversial claims that their work was gentrified, banal and irreparably appropriated and commodified.

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