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Anti-Hitch Kink


Apparently back in the 1930′s there was a big problem of people hitching onto the back bumpers of cars driving by. To resolve this problem all you needed was the Anti-Hitch Kink! The image doesn’t mention the voltage, but by the sign of those illustrated lightning bolts we can assume that it puts the modern day tasers to shame! You could probably build one of these pretty easily with some basic school science project materials, but sorry, I don’t think this will work right with your Corolla’s plastic bumper. Read more at Modern Mechanix.

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The Art of Parking


When you hear that there is a photo book documenting great architecture, what do you think of? Sky scrapers?, Museums?, Something by Frank Lloyd Wright? All valid thoughts, but how about parking garages. Due to the abundance of drab and gray concrete tombs to park your car in, you probably never would have thought of these structures as having any design merit. However, the new book, “The Architecture of Parking”, by Simon Henley brings the beauty of some of these structures to light. To read more on this book and to pick up your copy, click here.

Speed Racer In Theatres


Go Speed Racer, Go! Speed Racer will be making his way to the big screen this year! Emile Hirsch will be taking on the lead role with Christina Ricci at his side, as Trixie. To promote the movie the Mach 5 appeared at the Detroit Auto Show in the flesh fiberglass. See the movie trailer here.

Lowriders Become Big Business


Low-slung cruising cars known as lowriders, banned from most Los Angeles streets, have become big business and an art form decades after being hailed as a symbol of urban life at its best and worst. Read more.

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Porsche Panamera


Four doors, four seats? Yep, that’s right. Porsche is slated to roll out their four door Panamera. sports sedan in 2009. According to Porsche, the Panamera will stay true to the bloodlines of the cars that have come before it. Sticking with the philosophy of minimum weight and maximum horsepower the Panamera has been designed to be driven.In addition to the standard gasoline engined model, Porsche is also planning on releasing a hybrid Panamera.


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Go Green with Style!


Sure everyone wants to do their part to save the world in the age of Global Warming, but who wants to be seen pulling up to the club in a Toyota Prius or a retro Chevy EV1? To solve this dilemma, let us introduce you to Tesla Motors. No, this isn’t about some 80′s hair metal group or a wacky scientist from the 19th century, but rather an eco-friendly super car.- 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds- 135 miles per gallon (equivalant)- 220 miles per charge- less than 2 cents per mileNot only is the Tesla Roadster an environmentally friendly super car, that can be charged in most standard outlets in about 3.5 hours, but most importantly it is truly worthy to be in a poster on the wall of any kid! – Just try and say that about the Prius.Click here to buy your Tesla today! Who knows, for the $98,000 it will cost you, they might even throw in a copy of “Signs.”

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