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No seats for Giants

About two weeks ago, an 8 foot high adaptation of a New York City park bench appeared in the Lower East Side. The bench, fit for a Giant, was unbolted by the city, due to safety concerns and it’s lack of permits. The city will be holding the bench for a short period if you would like to claim ownership. Oh and you might want to have a lawyer ready, as the city would like to have a word with you.


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CG Sphere Project


Here is an interesting little project for all the professional designers, creative types and bored workers out there in cyber-land. The CG Sphere Project is simple; start with a basic sphere and use your favorite 3D program to mutate it into anything you want. Nuff’ said!

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Porsche Design Group


Just in time for the Holiday season, Porsche Design Group has made your shopping a little easier. The debate of what to get that Porsche lover in your life has been answered! If you’re like us here at AS|D Labs and didn’t know what to get that special person in your life to go with their new $192,000.00 911 GT2, look no further than Porsche Design and Porsche Design Drivers Selection. With products ranging from tennis rackets and sneakers to time pieces, cell phones and even toasters, you are sure to make that Porsche fanatic in your life the envy of all their Ferrari buddies.


And since I know you were going to ask… YES! We at AS|D Labs would love some Porsche swag too! Consider it a little tip for helping you knock out that Holiday shopping list.

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The New New Museum


As Meatloaf says…Like a Bat Out of Hell, NYC’s New Museum has taken the Bowery by storm. No longer living in the three decade old basement dwelling, the collection of works is now on display in its 60,000 square foot home. Depending on your personal taste you will view the New Museum as a brilliant addition to the NYC landscape that is forecasting the future of the semi-seedy Bowery section of downtown, or you will see it as a pile of hideous blocks that is killing old school NYC. Either way, you can join the likes of Ashley Olsen and take in the latest addition to NYC’s amazing collection of museums!

235 Bowery
New York, NY

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The FWA People’s Choice Award


It’s that time of the year again… The Favourite Website Awards People’s Choice Award.

Each month The FWA chooses a site of the month that they feel is a shining example of creativity, design, purpose and function. This years twelve candidates are now available to be voted on, to pick the People’s Choice champion. Choose wisely as you only get to vote once.


Click here to view all The FWA’s sites of the day, month and year.

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Von At Espeis Gallery


Hellovon’s Exhibition at Espeis Gallery in Wburg will be opening this Saturday, Oct 20th. you can also order the collab silkscreened print he created with Non-Format for the show, but move fast, only 50 were made available.

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