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Watch for Motorcycles

Because loud pipes can’t always be responsible for saving lives, the Utah Highway Safety office is promoting motorcycle awareness via this modified eye chart.

Source | At Issue Journal

RETNA’s Bowery Mural

(Matthew Kraus via Animal New York)

Following FAILE, RETNA is the latest artist to put his mark on the corner of Bowery and Houston. Check out more images of the work in progress from Martha Cooper at 12oz Prophet.

Source | Animal New York

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Oliver Show | Street Furniture

(image source | Architizer)

Providing the public with new places to loiter, Oliver Show’s “Street Furniture” series turns urban environments into comfy seating spots by wrapping yellow drainage pipes around various objects.

(image source | Architizer)

(image source | Architizer)

Source | Architizer

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Work is Murder

(image source | Joe’s Daily)

From sitting on your rump and getting fat to high levels of stress from your eight bosses, your job will be the death of you. Check out the nifty little inforgraphic after the jump and learn just how little time you have left.

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The Friday Links

(image source | via LA Times)

Shepard Fairey Enters Guilty Plea in Criminal Case with AP | LA Times

Should You Send That Email? | Fast Co Design

Top 20 Cities for New Ideas | PSFK

Yahoo Warns Facebook of a Potential Patent Fight | The New York Times

Kids Who Play Nintendo Wii Do Not Exercise More | Huffington Post

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2012 | The Contenders | Wallpaper*

ABOVE | What Goes Up

ABOVE is currently in South Africa where he recently completed his latest mural, “What Goes Up”. The work was commissioned by Origin Wines and painted on their wine bottling facility in Cape Town.

Source | Vandalog

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