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Turntable Watch


If hip hop should die before I wake, I’ll put an extended clip inside of my AK, Roll to every station, murder the DJ, Roll to every station, murder the DJ…

…Oh sorry. This Tableturns watch got me distracted for a moment. I thought I was Nas for a minute. Getting back to reality, if you are a DJ or just love the hippity-hop, FLUD has made this watch just for you. For $65 bucks it’s not a bad deal either.

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Space Invaders Jacket


Did you catch the AS|D DROP post on the Space Invaders Mac Case? To help keep you in your retro arcade game cool, The DROP is gonna fill you in on how to get the matching jacket. There’s one little catch. It appears that this sweet, waterproof street wear is only available in Denmark. Based on currency calculations you can get yours for about $50 bucks (not including trans-Atlantic shipping.) If you wanna put in the work and be the only dude on the block rocking the Atari gear, visit

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The KDU at Bread and Butter

If you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain between January 16th & the 18th, stop by and visit our family members, The KDU, Proof 7, SVSV and others at Bread and Butter Trade Show. Click the image for all the details.


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Sneaker Fetish?


With every sneaker company out there coming out with limited edition, uber special, once in a lifetime sneaks that everyone just has to have, you probably have enough shoe boxes to build a small house laying around. That pile of cardboard must have gotten to the crew over at Applebum and inspired them to come out with their “Kicks Box Allstar Collection.” The collection consist of backpacks, messenger bags, hoodies, track jackets, skate decks, tees, pillows and even an ottoman covered in an assortment of sneaker boxes. As Birdman and the rest of the Cash Money Millionaires would say, you gotta step your shoe game up and get your hands on these goods! Interested?…head over to to read more.

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Space Invadors Mac Case


Available from Velvet Idole is yet another must have for your Mac. Velvet Idole does a nice line in high-end laptop and gadget cases, a mix of the plain and the quirky, the latter including the eye-catching Velvet Invadors MacBook case range. The cases come in your choice of blue and black or red and blue, both with fine black calf leather on the outside. Head over to and get yours for around $96.00.

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Ghostface Killah and Zoo York


If you know skateboarding, hip hop, or are from the Rotten Apple this announcement is sure to get you hyped. The infamous Wu Warrior, Ghostface Killah has teamed up with Zoo York to produce a very limited edition tee and skate deck. This announcement comes right on the heels of the release of Pretty Toney’s latest album – “The Big Doe Rehab.”

Limited to less than 500 promo-only pieces and slated to release in early February 2008, these co-op collectibles will be available exclusively through in-store and online promos from Def Jam,
Cornerstone, and of course, the Zoo.

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