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The Friday Links

(image source | My Modern Met)

Spectacular 250,000 Coin Street Mural | My Modern Met

Site to Resell Music Files Has Critics | The New York Times

Movie Posters Similarities | Whudat

Salman Rushdie Wins Name Tiff with Facebook | The Washington Post

Artist’s Public Art Contract Might be Terminated Over Dog Snuff Past | Animal New York

Recyclers Go Head to Head on Plastic Additives Question | Core77

How Amazon Became the World’s Largest Retailer

(image source | Mashable)

The crew over at Mashable posted this great infographic to show just how Amazon became the world’s largest retailer. See the full infographic here.

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Occupy Design

(image source | Occupy Design)

In case you don’t understand the significance of the Occupy protests going on around the world, check out the Occupy Design infographic and think about what percentage you’re part of.

The Friday Links

(image source | Juxtapoz)

Bilboards by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel | Juxtapoz

Apple Fights for iPhone Porn Domain Names | Domain Name Wire

How Tumblr Created A Design Culture With No Design Team | Fast Co Design

YouTube Announces Original TV-Style Entertainment Channels | PSFK

What I Learned From Steve Jobs | cnet

Google Changes Search Algorithm | The NY Times

Saber | Occupy Wall Street

Not one to sit on the sidelines and let others do the fighting, Los Angeles artist Saber is lending his hand to those participating in Occupy Wall Street. Saber’s help comes in the form of a large US flag (you might recognize the theme from some of Saber’s other controversial works), cut up into 64 protests signs laid out by LA’s City Hall.

Source | Known Gallery

Occupy George

(image source | Occupy George)

Bringing a voice to our money, the “Occupy George” project looks to educate the public on just how depressing our current economic state is. Find out more at

(image source | Occupy George)

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