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The Friday Links

Saul Bass’ Bell System Pitch | Brand New

KRINK App for iPhone & iPad | 12oz Prophet

The False Ideals of the Web | The New York Times

Apple Makes a Textbook Move | core77

City Will No Longer Vandalize People’s Cars | Animal New York

SOPA Explodes on Twitter, Generates 2.4 Million Tweets | Mashable

The Friday Links

(image source | Art of the Menu)

Art of the Menu: Best of 2011 | Art of the Menu

Top 10 Street Art and Graffiti Stories of 2011 | LA Weekly

Top 100 Package Designs of 2011 | The Dieline

The Best and Worst Identities of 2011, Part I: The Worst | Brand New

The Best and Worst Identities of 2011, Part II: The Best | Brand New

The 50 Best Websites of 2011 | Time

The Friday Links

(image source | Juxtapoz)

They Live: by Kong | Juxtapoz

The Top QR Code Fails of 2011 | Mashable

No New HP Logo | Brand New

Google+ Gains Traction | The New York Times

Medical Science Proves New Yorkers are Superior | Animal New York

What Will 2012 Mean for Social Media? | Time

The Friday Links

(image source | Brand New)

A New HP: So Close, Yet So Far Away | Brand New

Images of the Year 2011 | Brooklyn Street Art

What is the Future of Design Consultancy | PSFK

Kyle Bean | Soft Guerrilla | Animal New York

As Doctors Use More Devices, Potential for Distraction Grows | The NY Times

Foreign Countries Cash In On Obscure Domain Extensions | Fast Company

The Friday Links

(image source | Cool Hunting)

Preservation is Life | Cool Hunting

Porsche Announces Second Experience Center | Autoblog

Soda Startup Aims To Serve a Beverage You Design From a Vending Machine | Mashable

iNuke Boom, world’s loudest iPod dock, weighs 700 lbs | Los Angeles Times

The Spaceship Has Landed: All the Plans for Apple Campus 2 | Architizer

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Phone: A Case For Writing Things Out | Fast Company

The Friday Links

(image source | Juxtapoz)

Superhero Identity Art by Danny Haas | Juxtapoz

How Famous Companies Got Their Names | Whudat

‘Arrested Development’ to Live Again Via Netflix | The Wall Street Journal

The 25 Greatest Paris Graffiti Writers | Complex

Former Apple Stores Chief: ‘No One Came to Genius Bars’ in Early Years | Mashable

November 2011: Top 10 Websites for Designers | HOW

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