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Porsche Design P’9981 BlackBerry

(image source | engadget)

Porsche Design has teamed up with BlackBerry to create the beautiful P’9981 smartphone. Featuring a forged stainless steel frame, hand-wrapped leather back cover, sculpted QWERTY keyboard and a special Porsche Design UI this phone is sure to help compensate for all your other shortcomings. Needless to say the P’9981 will be available in extremely limited editions.

Source | engadget

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Root Cases iPad2 Wood Case

(image source | engadget)

Bringing a warm feeling back to the cold, dead touch of our gadgets, Root Cases has released a pair of wood cases for the iPad2. Both the walnut and bamboo options are available for just $79., so you don’t have to break the bank and get to feel good about helping the environment when compared to the plastic alternatives.

(image source | engadget)

Source | engadget

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The Friday Links

(image source | Hypemuch)

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(image source | Uncrate)

What better way to workout and praise the Lord of Darkness simultaneously then with the DemonBells kettlebells from Art in Motion. Maybe if you worship just right you’ll finally get rid of those love handles. Get yours here.

Source | Uncrate

Pantone Christmas Ornaments

(image source | Seletti)

Face it, you can pretend all you want but the damn holidays are right around the corner. Time for family dinners, re-gifting tube socks and decorating a dead tree. Since you have to partake in these pagan rituals one way or the other, you might as well keep it nerdy with these Pantone Christmas ornaments from Selab.

Source | NOTCOT

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Blood Splatter Mug

(image source | thabto)

A few months back we posted about the Thabto (Two Heads are Better Than One) blood splatter mug, unfortunately they never produced this version of their brass knuckle mugs. Not content to leave well enough alone, you emailed and other wise harassed the crew at Thabto so much that as of today you can order your very own limited edition bloody mess of a mug! Get yours here.

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