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The Friday Links

(image source | Shannon Cottrell via LA Weekly)

How & Nosm, Graffiti Wonder Twins, Paint the L.A. Weekly Building | LA Weekly

Apple in Shanghai Showdown for ‘iPad’ Name in China | Mashable

Banksy Murals Prove to be an Attribution Minefield | The Art Newspaper

Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End | The New York Times

Fans Get Creative With ‘Mad Men’ Posters On NYC Subway | Taxi

Why Shepard Fairey is not a Sellout | Front Row

Mathieu Tremblin | Graffiti Statue

Delving into the conversation of street artist only being in it for the money, French artist Mathieu Tremblin’s “Graffiti Statue” only paints when he gets the cash.

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The Friday Links

(image source | The Coolist)

The World’s 10 Coolest Subway Systems | The Coolist

First Facebook Killed MySpace. Now It’s Saving It. | Forbes

The Therapist May See You Anytime, Anywhere | The New York Times

15 Best ‘Sh*t People Say’ Videos | Mashable

4 Elements That Make a Good User Experience Something Great | Fast Company

Apple Wants to Raise the Bar on Workers’ Rights | Guardian

The Friday Links

(image source | Animal NY)

David Choe’s Facebook Office Murals Now Worth $200 Million | Animal NY

Top 10 Websites For Designers February 2012 | HOW

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Marketing Campaign | core77

In China, Facebook Alternatives Thrive | The Wall Street Journal

Obama and Romney Campaigns Adopt Square for Funding | The NY Times

Facebook’s IPO: Reading Between the Lines | Mashable

The Friday Links

Saul Bass’ Bell System Pitch | Brand New

KRINK App for iPhone & iPad | 12oz Prophet

The False Ideals of the Web | The New York Times

Apple Makes a Textbook Move | core77

City Will No Longer Vandalize People’s Cars | Animal New York

SOPA Explodes on Twitter, Generates 2.4 Million Tweets | Mashable

The Web Goes Dark

(image source | Google)

Today, Reddit, Google, Wired and innumerable other websites have gone dark in protest of two bills in congress: H.R.3261 “Stop Online Piracy Act” and S.968 “PROTECT IP. For today, we here at the Drop will be joining in on the protest and not posting any new content. To learn more about these acts and how they could change the face of the internet, click here.

(image source | Wired)

(image source | Reddit)

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