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The Friday Links

(image source | New York Times)

YouTube Enables Creative Commons Videos Sharing | New York Times

If They Build It, Will You Swim? | NY Press

Sending Racy Pics Has Gone From Shameful to Standard | AM New York

Groupon’s IPO by the Numbers | Mashable

Apple’s iPad Rivals Reduce Build Plans After “Early Dose of Reality” | Apple Insider

1966 Prediction of the Home Computer | YouTube

The Friday Links

(image source | Morrison Hotel Gallery)

“Catch the Beat” The Roots of Punk & Hip Hop Photography | Morrison Hotel Gallery

Rebecca Cooper; Hobby Craft Pornography (NSFW) | You Love Pornography

Mercedes Benz Classics at Retro 2011 | eMercedesBenz

Minecraft Sheet Magnets | Think Geek

Beautifully Illustrated and Revolutionary Cook Book | Modernist Cuisine

VW’s Augmented Reality Test Drive App | The Next Web

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iBoob App Comes to Android

(image source | Android Central)

Back in 2008 when Apple banned Mystic Game Development’s iBoob app many were predicting the apocalypse as everyone’s favorite sledge hammer flinging brand was putting the kibosh on freedom. Two years later, Mystic is now back with their classy avatar boob jiggling app available for Android phones – and all is right with the world.

Check out the NSFW video of the app in action here.

Source | Android Central

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The Friday Links

(image source | Todd McClellan)

Todd McLellan’s “Disassembly” Project | Todd McLellan (Click New Work to View)

Sasha Grey x Vice Books; NeĆ¼ Sex | Viceland

2011 Saab PhoeniX Concept | Swipelife

Viva Helmet by Whomadeit | Whomadeit

Street Art From a 10 Year Old | Flavorwire

Postcards of Google Earth Bridge Mishaps | Clement Valla

Talk To Us!

(image source | Jeffrey Tsang @ AS|D LABS – All Rights Reserved)

The AS|D DROP blog now allows comments to be left on our blog posts. So, come on everyone and join in the conversation!

Seksi Spam Buttons

(image source | Seksi Spam Buttons)

Sure porn-site spam is an annoying burden, but you must admit the way they mutilate the human language to trick spam hunting software into allowing the mail into our inboxes is hilarious. To pay homage to the language of porn-mail are these Seksi Spam Buttons available in sets of 5 pins for $4.00. Get yours here.

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