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QR Code Tattoo

Touting itself as the “first random tattoo in the world,” the above QR code tattoo will show you a different video, picture, weather forecasts, etc., every time you scan it.

Apple iCam Concept

(image source | Bless This Stuff)

The next step for digital photography certainly seems to be leaning towards advancing smart phone camera capabilities. One such concept to show the possible future of these devices is the Apple iCam from Antonio DeRosa. “The idea is to have a device that attaches to the iPhone 5, which then allows the user to have a camera with interchangeable lenses.” See loads more images and a video of the concept at work here.

(image source | Bless This Stuff)

Source | Bless This Stuff

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The Friday Links

(image source | Cool Hunting)

Preservation is Life | Cool Hunting

Porsche Announces Second Experience Center | Autoblog

Soda Startup Aims To Serve a Beverage You Design From a Vending Machine | Mashable

iNuke Boom, world’s loudest iPod dock, weighs 700 lbs | Los Angeles Times

The Spaceship Has Landed: All the Plans for Apple Campus 2 | Architizer

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Phone: A Case For Writing Things Out | Fast Company

Wooden QR Code Stool/Lamp

(image source | KNSTRCT)

What happens when you cross a whole lot of Jenga games, a stool and a lamp? You get German designer Elena Belmann’s wooden QR code stool. Not only does the stool provide you a place to park your cheeks, but it operates as a scannable QR code and even lights up.

(image source | KNSTRCT)

Source | KNSTRCT

The Friday Links

(image source | 12oz Prophet)

Top 12: The Art of Basketball | 12oz Prophet

Porn Sites File Lawsuit Over .XXX Domain Names | Mashable

The origin of Mickey Mouse | BBC

Cellphone signals tracking shoppers? | Metro

What’s in a Name? Ask Google | The New York Times

The Eames Studio’s Inspiring History And Unknown Dark Side | Fast Company

Restoration Hardware | Roll-up Travel Charger

(image source | Restoration Hardware)

Having worked on the road for many years before becoming your resident ranter, I can appreciate the need for an easy, portable charger for all my gadgets. The Restoration Hardware Roll-Up Travel Charger comes all set to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod and more in an easy to carry roll-up polyurethane mat. Get yours here, and free yourself of the giant wire knot in your bag!

Filed Under: Culture, Design, Gear, Technology

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