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Speed Racer In Theatres


Go Speed Racer, Go! Speed Racer will be making his way to the big screen this year! Emile Hirsch will be taking on the lead role with Christina Ricci at his side, as Trixie. To promote the movie the Mach 5 appeared at the Detroit Auto Show in the flesh fiberglass. See the movie trailer here.

Greg Lamarche


Greg Lamarche is one of those people that has more talent in his pinky than most do in their entire body. You might know Greg as the NY legend SPone, but today his focus is on gallery and commercial work. Having worked with companies like Mass Appeal, Juxtapoz and Zoo York, most of Greg’s work is intricately cut out collages. However, the man can still handle a can of paint when the need strikes. All hail the letter king!

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Space Invadors Mac Case


Available from Velvet Idole is yet another must have for your Mac. Velvet Idole does a nice line in high-end laptop and gadget cases, a mix of the plain and the quirky, the latter including the eye-catching Velvet Invadors MacBook case range. The cases come in your choice of blue and black or red and blue, both with fine black calf leather on the outside. Head over to and get yours for around $96.00.

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Homer & NYPD


An alliance made in heaven?

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Sci-Fi Movie Poster Contest


There are just a few hours left over at to vote for your fav photoshopped sci-fi movie poster. The contest was simple – photoshop some sci-fi imagery and style into a non-sci-fi movie poster. With everything from Transformers meet King Kong and Jack Nicholson as a cyborg, you will have a hard time picking your favorite to vote for. To see all the entries click here.

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Banksy Wall Sells for 400k


Sometime last September, a piece by renowned guerilla artist Banksy appeared on Portobello Road in West London. Unlike the fate of most street art, the owner of the building decided to sell the wall – that’s right the WALL, on eBay. The bidding ended on 01-14 , and after 69 bids the wall fetched over 400 grand. To top it off, the winner has to pay to remove, transport and replace the wall.

Poor, elusive Banksy probably won’t be seeing a dime from this deal, but I am sure the buzz this sale has created won’t hurt his gallery prices.

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