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Steve Powers is a Studio Gangster


Having cleared up all his legal troubles following his high profile graffiti arrest under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the artist formerly known as ESPO is back in the book biz. Steve Powers releases “Steve Powers is a Studio Gangster”.

With the publication of Steve Powers Is A Studio Gangster, Powers records 5 years of paintings that distill the complete range of human emotion into readily recalled and related memes. These visual archetypes are aptly described by Powers as a synthesis of word and image to create a new emotional revelation .


You have no doubt seen Steve’s ESPO work around NYC, Philly and other cities – not to mention his stuff that is revamping Coney Island, so pick up his book and see what a yappy, giant with Kid and Play hair can do. If you like the book, visit Steve’s website and pick up some of his art work.

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Ghostface Killah and Zoo York


If you know skateboarding, hip hop, or are from the Rotten Apple this announcement is sure to get you hyped. The infamous Wu Warrior, Ghostface Killah has teamed up with Zoo York to produce a very limited edition tee and skate deck. This announcement comes right on the heels of the release of Pretty Toney’s latest album – “The Big Doe Rehab.”

Limited to less than 500 promo-only pieces and slated to release in early February 2008, these co-op collectibles will be available exclusively through in-store and online promos from Def Jam,
Cornerstone, and of course, the Zoo.

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Straight Line Designs


Hailing straight outta Wonderland, aka Vancouver, BC – Straight Line Designs is your not-so-everyday quirky furniture design firm. The company is owned and operated by Judson Beaumont, who know doubt indulges on those lax laws over there across the border (yea, you know what laws we’re talking about.) If you need a table that looks like it is lifting a leg and urinating on your floor or a carrot soap box racer, this is a must visit site for you!

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Illusion Wine Glasses


As fans of design and drinking (listed in no particular order), the AS|D DROP thought you too would like these Illusion Wine Glasses. Sold on for $75 clams as a set of 4, these funky glasses are designed as a wine glass within a pint glass. For even more fun, try serving your friend a glass of wine in one of these, after a few shots of tequilla.

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Death Takes A Vacation


Most likely inspired by Death’s appearance in 1991′s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, or his more recent cameo’s on Family Guy, ran their 2nd Annual Death Takes a Holiday contest. The contest has users submit pics of what they imagine the Grim Reaper does when he isn’t out enforcing mortality. For proof that the man(?) knows how to party check out the pics!

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Civilization has been found on a new planet that Japanese scientist have named RPM1200!! Nah, just kidding ya’! RPM1200 is a cityscape designed by Japanese artist Enoki Chu. Standing 11 feet tall and with a diameter of 15 feet, this is one impressive sculpture. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but this entire piece is composed of shiny metal junk. That’s right, polished drill bits, used machine parts and other everyday Sanford and Son style crap, dummy! To see more work by Chu, visit

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