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Lowriders Become Big Business


Low-slung cruising cars known as lowriders, banned from most Los Angeles streets, have become big business and an art form decades after being hailed as a symbol of urban life at its best and worst. Read more.

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Storm Sewer Art


In the world of art and design, you can find inspiration in just about everything. When it comes to the business end of creativity, you tend to have to work within boundaries and often make something dull and drab seem relevant and cool. Check out these storm sewers that have been modified. They’re a prime example of working withing boundaries to take something from not to hot.

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Mike Giant


Covering numerous art genres ranging from tattoos & fine art to graffiti & commercial work, Mike Giant is a master of many trades. To put Mike’s career into words is almost impossible. As the cliche goes – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well in the case of Mike Giant, his pictures just might be worth a million. To see Mike Giant’s work and read more about him visit:

Oh, don’t ask him to tattoo you. He’s retired!

Horsepower: A Life Without Oil


What would the world look like if we hadn’t discovered the powers of oil and still used the horse and buggy? A group of students from the School of Visual Arts in New York have envisioned the things we’ve come to associate with the car – taxis, ice cream trucks, FedEx delivery vans – as stallion run enterprises. Horsepower, opening at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook on February 2, features carriages and sleighs once considered beyond restoration satirically upgraded for our current modern lifestyle.

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Porsche Panamera


Four doors, four seats? Yep, that’s right. Porsche is slated to roll out their four door Panamera. sports sedan in 2009. According to Porsche, the Panamera will stay true to the bloodlines of the cars that have come before it. Sticking with the philosophy of minimum weight and maximum horsepower the Panamera has been designed to be driven.In addition to the standard gasoline engined model, Porsche is also planning on releasing a hybrid Panamera.


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2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards


The 2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards gives higher education students from around the world the creative license to propel their careers in the future. Enter in 12 categories in 3 media areas endorsed by the industry. Over $60,000 in cash prizes will be awarded in New York City.


The call for entry closes on May  2, 2008.

Think you have what it takes?…Click here!

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