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2008 Dodge Challenger SRT/8


It is no secret that Detroit has found a way to get people interested in their new cars again; make them look like their old cars. With the recent success of cars like the Chrysler 300, Ford Mustang and the Dodge Charger, automakers are continuing to pursue this old is new trend. For lovers of vintage American muscle you will be ecstatic to know that 2008 will mark the return of the Dodge Challenger. The 2008 release will be a limited run of the SRT/8 trim package only. With a 425 horsepower, 6.1 liter Hemi putting out 420 ft lbs. of torque, you are sure to love this nostalgic ride! Just don’t let your environmentalist buddy know about the gas mileage.

To read more about this amazing ride click here.

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The 16th Annual Outsider Art Fair


The 16th Annual Outsider Art Fair will be held January 25-27th at the The Puck building, Soho,NYC. The show will feature the very best outsider, art brut, self-taught, visionary and folk art galleries from around the world.

Show Schedule:
Friday 01/25, 11am – 8pm
Saturday 01/26, 11am – 8pm
Sunday 01-27, 11am – 7pm

The Puck building
295 Lafayette Street, corner of Houston Street
Soho, New York City

Click here for show details.

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No seats for Giants

About two weeks ago, an 8 foot high adaptation of a New York City park bench appeared in the Lower East Side. The bench, fit for a Giant, was unbolted by the city, due to safety concerns and it’s lack of permits. The city will be holding the bench for a short period if you would like to claim ownership. Oh and you might want to have a lawyer ready, as the city would like to have a word with you.


To read more on this article click here.

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CG Sphere Project


Here is an interesting little project for all the professional designers, creative types and bored workers out there in cyber-land. The CG Sphere Project is simple; start with a basic sphere and use your favorite 3D program to mutate it into anything you want. Nuff’ said!

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Suffering from agoraphobia?


After spending your nights in a 300 square foot studio, only to wake up and commute your way to your tiny work cubicle, in a subway car that is so crammed with people you have to hold your breath just to fit in the doors, you may have developed a case of agoraphobia. If you don’t want to be anywhere that you can’t stretch your arms out and reach the walls on opposite ends of the room, you would probably be interested in checking out this article, on some of the smallest hotel rooms in the world! You too can now enjoy a vacation from the hustle and bustle of every day life, without having to stay in one of those gaudy, over-sized hotel rooms.

Check out the hotel rooms and book that flight! Just be sure to fly coach. You don’t want that excess leg room in first class.

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More Words!


Spend a lot of time working on crossword puzzles while stuck in a hot and smelly subway car? Tired of getting beat in Scrabble by your friends bratty little kid? Do you like to randomly throw large words that haven’t been used in a sentence for 100 years into your conversations?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might need allows you to search for answers to your crossword puzzle by substituting an asterisk or dash for your missing letters. For you Scrabble and Upwords lovers there are numerous word search features, like the words by length section of the site.Check it out and good luck with those triple word scores and Sunday NY Times crosswords!

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